Human Resources Topics.

The actual topics for each group's meeting are driven by the members themselves but here are some examples.

    Workforce Planning
  • Align current competencies and skills with future business needs
  • Leveraging global, outsourced and offshore resources

  • Sourcing Talent
  • Leveraging job boards and social networking to find the right talent
  • Pushing and pulling talent globally

  • Planning and managing compensation and benefit strategies
  • Selecting benefits that balance fairness with economic reality
  • Addressing the rising cost of healthcare
  • Resolving the global complexities

  • Training and Development Strategies
  • Transforming training delivery through technology innovation
  • Blending 3 generations: boomers, genexers and millennials into customer focused teams

  • Performance Management
  • Driving productivity and improved employee satisfaction though telecommuting and flexible work arrangements
  • New and proven changes in employee annual reviews

  • Engaging and Retaining Employees
  • Keeping employees engaged in a tough economy
  • Balancing work and home life while always online

  • Promoting and Transitioning Employees
  • Succession planning
  • Progression planning

  • Aligning HR Strategy with Business Strategy
  • The role of HR in integrating markets across borders
  • Improving HR technology efficiency and performance via consumerization and the cloud
  • Improving HR processes to drive expense reduction and performance improvement
  • Becoming a strategic partner of the business and a strategic advisor to the CEO
  • Measuring and reporting the value of HR to the business
  • The role of self service and shared services in improving HR performance

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"Networking is very valuable in not only finding and bringing in the right people for your organization, but in keeping connected with others. You can exchange ideas and learn from other people's experiences."
  - Dov Shenkman, OfficeMax

"I really enjoyed being part of the chapter."
  - Tom Herron, NFRC.

"Networking is extremely valuable. You have to approach your career as a learning opportunity and networking in the first place has allowed me to learn."
- Herman Nell, Petco

"The network of relationships between people, whether the old fashioned kind or via new modern social networks, is absolutely critical to operate with speed across geographies and business silos."
- Polly Pearson, EMC Corporation

"All speakers were well prepared and put on good programs."
  - Turner Williams, Burr & Forman